Founded in 1984, Ernesto Tzirulnik Advocacia (ETAD) is recognized by the main international guides as one of the most important law firms specializing in insurance law.

Besides being a leader as an insurance law boutique, ETAD works with highly complex cases involving civil liability, contracts in general, as well as corporate, environmental and competition law. It provides services of court and administrative litigation and arbitrations, consultancy and advisory for the draft and review of contracts, formulation of strategies, solution and prevention of liability positions and conflicts. Its clients are companies in the most diverse industries (steel milling, chemical, pharmaceutics, energy, construction, textile, logistics, aviation, automobile, food, etc.), as well as banks, insurers, reinsurers, insurance and reinsurance brokers.

The law firm encourages scientific research and public policies through IBDS (Brazilian Institute of Insurance Law), and promotes culture with Ceará 202 Project.

The law practice depends on constant technology improvement. Clients, arbitrators and judges have little time to review and decide. ETAD is at the forefront of technology. Besides sophisticated data protection, it uses resources such as filming and scale models, and cooperates with the most important technology centers to support its advisory, consultancy and litigation services.
Reinsurance Court-Supervised Reorganization: The law firm filed the first reinsurance reorganization actions in Brazil
Renewal of CSN 2008/2009 insurance/reinsurance plan
Engineering Risk Claims – Pan American Village – Rio 2007
Mining Transportation System Claim – CSN – Sepetiba Port, Itaguaí, Rio de Janeiro
Brenco Project Completion Bond
Court Injunction for SUSEP (Private Insurance Superintendency) Circular Letter No. 06/90 (Collor Plan)
Collapse of the Gas Collector of Blast Furnace 3 of Presidente Vargas Plant
LTF 2 Fire at Presidente Vargas Plant
Fall of Unloaders at Sepetiba Port – Coal Terminal
Rupture of Line 4 of São Paulo Subway
Rupture of Deviation Tunnels of Campos Novos Hydropower Plant – ENERCAN
Flooding of the Power Station of Rio das Antas Hydropower Plant – CERAN
Santa Clara Hydropower Plant Claim
Collapse of Line IV Tunnel at Caracas Subway – Venezuela
Collapse of the Tunnel at São Francisco Hydropower Project – Ecuador
Explosion at Osasco Plaza Shopping Mall
Explosion at Regenerator 1 Dome of Blast Furnace 1 at Presidente Artur Bernardes Plant
Court Extension of Engineering Risk Insurance at Itaipu Binacional
Obstruction of the Pipeline at Manabí River Transfer Project – Ecuador
STG Claim – Porto Velho Thermal Power Plant
Policy 40 Project – Group Life
Performance Bond Claim – Thissem /Itaunense
GT Claim – Cuiabá Thermal Power Plant
Export Credit Claim – Buenos Aires Subway – Argentina
Performance Bond Claim – ESCA/SIVAM
Performance Bond Claim – BB/ITAUNENSE
SR Veículos Especiais Fire
Arizona Fire
Lahon Fire
Brás Explosion
Flight 402 – Fokker 100 TAM – Reinsurance Recovery
AFA – CESSNA – Opinion – Eduardo Campos
Rupture of Santana Port/AP – Anglo American
Tag Along – CSN x Ternium/Techint
Partnership Dissolution – ALL x RUMO
Embraer D&O
Public Policies

The fight for the construction of a new insurance law in Brazil culminated with the foundation of IBDS (Brazilian Institute of Insurance Law) in May 2000.
ETAD members participate actively in this movement and the law firm is a maintainer of IBDS. Ernesto Tzirulnik and Paulo Luiz de Toledo Piza have been the Institute’s President and Vice President since its foundation.
IBDS has held dozens of congresses, courses and seminars with the participation of Brazilian and international jurists. Jean Bastin has considered that the IBDS movement is for the insurance law an equivalent of what Henri Capitant Association has been for civil law. Ruben Stiglitz has considered it the power behind the construction of modern Latin American insurance law.
It has published dozens of works about insurance written by over fifty Brazilian and international jurists and technicians, two documentary films (Um pouco mais Um pouco menos – A Little More, A Little Less and Reguladores – Adjusters), besides Revista Brasileira de Direito do Seguro e Responsabilidade Civil (Brazilian Insurance Law and Civil Liability Journal). IBDS was also a pioneer in Brazilian participation as an exhibitor at RIMS (Risk Insurance Management Society). Furthermore, it coordinated the work for the preparation of the preliminary draft for the Insurance Contract Law, which was introduced to the National Congress in 2004 as the first Insurance Contract Bill in Brazilian history. This was passed in December 2016 at the House of Representatives (Special Committee for Bill No. 3,555/2004) and is now at the Senate.



ETAD’S library represents the largest and most updated collection of works related to Insurance Law in Brazil. The law firm has developed an in-house technology for processing the digital production, observing copyright limitations.