Nem Sol Nem Lua

Toninho Ferragutti

Duo para 6

Toninho Ferragutti/Bruno Monteiro

Ulisses Rocha

Ulisses Rocha

V Fórum de Direito do Seguro


Trio 202 ao vivo em NY e SP


Para Sempre

Pedro Lazarini

A Gata Café

Ulisses Rocha

Santa Ignorância

José Domingos

Festa na Roça

Toninho Ferragutti e Neymar Dias


Ulisses Rocha

Como Manda o Figurino



José Domingos


Ulisses Rocha


José Domingos

ETAD promotes culture through Ceará 202 Project, without resorting to public incentives or third-party sponsorships.

Among other activities, Ceará 202 Project is responsible for the restauration of the house at number 202 on Ceará street as the law firm’s headquarters. Known as the residence of architect Jayme C. Fonseca Rodrigues, it has recently been included in Iconic Houses, an international network connecting houses from the 20th century that are significant for architecture and open to the public as museums. 

Besides architecture and other forms of artistic expression (films, photography and fine arts, among others), Ceará 202 Project promotes Brazilian music with the recording of CDs and the organization of concerts open to the public at the porch of the law firm’s headquarters.


ETAD’S library represents the largest and most updated collection of works related to Insurance Law in Brazil. The law firm has developed an in-house technology for processing the digital production, observing copyright limitations.