Paulo Luiz de Toledo Piza

São Paulo


  • Doctoral Degree at Law from the Law School of University of São Paulo (USP) (2002) Thesis accepted with maximum grade and distinction

  • Master’s Degree in International Law from the Law School of University of São Paulo (USP) (1996) Dissertation accepted with maximum grade and honors

  • MBA in Financial and Actuarial Risk Management from FEA (School of Economics and Administration) at USP (2004)

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the Law School of University of São Paulo (USP), with Specialization in Business Law (1990)

Institutional and Academic Activities

  • Founder and current First Vice President of IBDS (Brazilian Institute of Insurance Law)

  • Member of the Committee of Jurists who prepared the Preliminary Draft for the Insurance Contract Law (Bill No. 3,555/2004, dated May 13, 2004)

  • Assistant Professor at the Insurance and Reinsurance Law Program (2002-2011) and Business Contract Program (2012-2013) at FGV (Getúlio Vargas Foundation) in São Paulo.

  • Professor for the Business Law Specialization Program of COGEAE (General Coordination Office for Specialization, Advancement and Extensionat) at PUC-SP (Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo) for the Reinsurance Contract course (2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010)

  • Professor of Civil Law and International Private Law at Mackenzie Presbyterian University (2013-2015)

  • Assistant Professor at FUNENSEG (National Insurance School Foundation) (2008 to present)


  • Co-Author of the work A Aplicação da Sanção no Direito Internacional Contemporâneo (The Application of Sanctions in Contemporary International Law) (FD-USP, Mimeo, 1996)

  • Author of the book O Contrato de Resseguro: Qualificação, Formação e Direito Internacional (The Reinsurance Contract: Qualification, Formation and International Law, EMTS-IBDS, 2002)

  • Author of many articles, essays and lectures published in specialized journals and magazines


  • English

  • French

  • Spanish