Ernesto Tzirulnik

São Paulo


  • Doctoral Degree from the Law School at Largo São Francisco of University of São Paulo (USP) (2014)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Law at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP) (1981)

Professional and Institutional Activities

  • Creation and coordination of the Legal Department at Companhia de Seguros Aliança da Bahia, São Paulo (1982-1983)
  • Founding Partner of IDEC (Brazilian Consumer Protection Institute) (1987)
  • Former Director and Member of the Executive Board of SBCS (Brazilian Society of Insurance Sciences) (1989-2009)
  • Former Director of the Brazilian Section of AIDA (International Insurance Law Association) (1989-2000)
  • Former Consultant of the Liquidation Bureau of the Reinsurance Area of the New York Insurance Department, USA (1991-2004)
  • Former Member of the Editorial Board of Reinsurance Dispute Reporter (Andrews Publications, USA)
  • Former Honorary Director of Jean Bastin Scientific Foundation (Belgium) (2002)
  • Founder and President of IBDS (Brazilian Institute of Insurance Law) (2000 to present)
  • Coordinator of the Committee of Jurists who prepared the Preliminary Draft for the Insurance Contract Law (Bill No. 3,555/2004, 8,034/2010 and 8,290/2014; Senate Bill No. 477/2013)

Academic Activities

  • Visiting Professor at the Higher School of Law for the insurance contract course (OAB-SP and OAB-PR – Brazilian Bar Associations of São Paulo and Paraná)

  • Visiting Professor at the Business Law Specialization Program at PUC-SP (Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo) for the Insurance Contract course (COGEAE – General Coordination Office for Specialization, Advancement and Extension)
  • Visiting Professor at the Contract Law Specialization Program at PUC-SP for the Insurance Contract course (COGEAE)
  • Professor at the Insurance and Reinsurance Law Program at FGV (Getúlio Vargas Foundation) in São Paulo
  • Visiting Professor at the Insurance and Reinsurance Law Program at FGV in Rio de Janeiro
  • Visiting Professor at the MBA in Insurance at FUNENSEG (National Insurance School Foundation)
  • Visiting Professor at the Specialization Program “Bank, Stock Market and Insurance” at University of Coimbra – Coordinator: Professor João Calvão da Silva, Portugal
  • Visiting Professor at the Specialization Program in Insurance Law at University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Coordinator of the Insurance Law Program at the São Paulo State School of Judges (2001 and 2004)
  • Professor of the Contract Writing and Strategy course at the Law School of Getúlio Vargas Foundation (DireitoGV) in São Paulo (2007 and 2008)


  • Author of the book Regulação de Sinistro (ensaio jurídico) (Claim Adjustment, a Legal Essay – Max Limonad, 2001, 3rd edition)
  • Author of the book Seguro de riscos de engenharia: instrumento do desenvolvimento (Insurance against Engineering Risks: An Instrument for Development – Roncarati, 2015)
  • Co-Author of the book O Contrato de Seguro de acordo com o Código Civil Brasileiro (The Insurance Contract According to the Brazilian Civil Code – Roncarati, 2016, 3rd edition)
  • Author of the chapter O Contrato de Seguro (The Insurance Contract) in Tratado de Direito Comercial (Commercial Law Treaty) (Saraiva, 2015)
  • Author of dozens of articles about insurance, consumer and civil liability law, published in Brazilian legal journals (Tratado Luso-Brasileiro da Dignidade Humana – Portuguese-Brazilian Treaty for Human Dignity, Revista dos Tribunais – Journal of the Courts, Revista Brasileira de Direito do Seguro e da Responsabilidade Civil – Brazilian Insurance Law and Civil Liability Journal, Revista Brasileira de Direito do Seguro – Brazilian Insurance Law Journal, Revista do IRB – Journal of the Reinsurance Institute of Brazil, Coleção Estudos de Direito do Seguro – Insurance Law Studies Collection), as well as international ones (Rivista de Economia e Diritto dell’Assicurazione – Economy and Insurance Law Journal, various CILA Annals, Records of Swiss Re Reinsurance Round Tables, etc.)
  • Lecturer in dozens of congresses, seminars and symposiums held both in Brazil and abroad


  • Insurance Market Award – 2000 Personality
  • Tribute by the São Paulo State House of Representatives for his contribution to the development of the insurance industry (2003 and 2005)
  • Tribute by the São Paulo Bar Association for the fight for democracy and human rights during the military dictatorship


  • English
  • Spanish
  • French